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To our Valued Suppliers:

As you know, we are navigating challenging times for our industry, and we have been working diligently with our financial and legal advisors on ways to strengthen our company and best position it for the future. We have greatly appreciated your patience as we have worked to assess various options.

After careful deliberation and a thorough review of strategic financial alternatives, we have decided to file voluntarily for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.

This is the best path forward for Bristow and we are confident that we will emerge from this restructuring process as a stronger business partner to you and more competitive company that is better positioned for the future. Under the protection of the bankruptcy court, we expect to restructure and strengthen our balance sheet and achieve a lower and more sustainable debt level, while continuing to provide safe, reliable and professional industrial aviation services to our global clients.

All of our operations globally will continue in the ordinary course of business through the bankruptcy proceedings.

It is also important to note that the Chapter 11 filings only pertain to six of our U.S. entities and two of our Cayman Islands subsidiaries, BriLog Leasing Ltd. and Bristow Equipment Leasing Limited. Our other non-U.S. entities, including those holding our non-U.S. air operating certificates (“AOCs”), are not part of the bankruptcy filing. Therefore, our engagements with suppliers who are not servicing these U.S. entities and Cayman Islands subsidiaries will NOT be impacted. We will continue to pay for goods and services provided as we normally do, according to our existing arrangements.

For goods received and services provided after the May 11, 2019 petition filing date to the U.S. entities and Cayman Islands subsidiaries that are part of the filing, Bristow can and will pay suppliers in the normal course of business, according to the terms that were in place at the time of filing. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code gives priority status to these post-petition payments. Bristow has sufficient funds to make these payments and will do so in a timely manner.

However, a few of our valued suppliers that have invoices outstanding for goods and services provided to these U.S. entities and Cayman Islands subsidiaries prior to the petition date may be impacted. Bristow is not permitted under the Bankruptcy Code to pay for goods or services received by these entities prior to the Chapter 11 filing date of May 11, 2019 without specific court approval. We sincerely regret any hardship this may cause. If you have questions regarding goods and/or services delivered prior to the filing date, please contact our claims agent by calling +1 844-627-6967 (toll free) or +1 347-292-3534 (toll) or sending an email to You can also find additional information on our claims agent website:

We are committed to keeping you informed, and we will communicate about major developments as the court-supervised process progresses.

You have played an integral role in our ability to provide our clients safe, reliable and professional service. We appreciate your patience throughout this process, and, on behalf of the entire Bristow team, I would like to express my deep gratitude for your ongoing support and partnership.

Thank you,

Don Miller
President and CEO